The Beginning

Reason #58,304 why I love the internet: I discover new ideas like this one that get my Type A, outdoors-loving self way too excited at midnight on a Sunday.

I’m currently suffering from a severe challenge hangover (yes, I made that phrase up) after doing Ironman March. I need sufficient motivation to get out of bed in the morning, and sometimes my enthusiasm for food and/or ecology just isn’t cutting it. I’ve also been almost frantically excited about fitness activities recently and I want to feed that beast.

So in the next year I will be doing 1,000 miles worth of outdoor activities. This will mostly be running, hiking, swimming, and (hopefully) biking, with maybe a few other adventures thrown in. I’m starting April 7, 2014 (because what better time than right now in this very second!) and ending…April 6, 2015? I’m planning on doing a weekly post that summarizes what I’ve done to contribute to this challenge with the intent to be very publicly accountable for this. Also, anyone who would like to join in is very welcome to. I love suffering with others.

Besides this just being a badass thing to do, there are some more specific reasons I’ve decided to do the 1,000 mile challenge.

I’m trying to get back into running, especially racing. I’m starting to realize the best way to do this and not get injured, which always always always happens, is to trail run. I would be crazy not to, living 20 minutes away from a ridiculously cool mountains. Anything that motivates me to get in some more miles is super bueno.


Wellsvilles, to the east of Logan

In order to do actual triathlons and not just indoor tris, I need to ride a bike. A real bike, not a stationary bike, and actually outside. One of the stipulations of this challenge is that the miles must be completed outdoors, so I’m hoping this will force me to abandon my fear of cycling. And maybe you’ll be the lucky individual who gets to see me gracefully fall on my face when getting on a bike for the first time since ca. 2004!

I’m also going to be doing a lot (i.e., possibly excessive) amount of backpacking this upcoming summer. It will be great to put those miles towards some bigger goal.

Oh, and my rest days need to be more active rest instead of lying-on-the-couch-eating-burritos-and-watching-The-Mindy-Project rest. Cause that’s just laziness. So I’m going to take walks on rest days to buffer my mileage against the very likely possibility that I will miss weeks or months of this challenge due to [insert some excuse]. And walking while hashing will also count! Sweet.


Hashing like a boss

Anyways, at some later point in time when I’m no longer delirious due to the need to sleep, I’ll ramble some more about this challenge and why it’s the shit and why I’m the shit for doing it.

2 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I love it! I just rode my bicycle for the first time in a long time this weekend too, and I’m hoping to do it a lot more. I hate running so if I can ride my bike a lot, I figure it’s a good substitute. I might get in on this challenge but I’m planning on hiking the Colorado Trail and Long Trail this year, so is that cheating?

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