Week 1: “That beer flag is super cute!”

Only 983 miles to go!

I should try to put some sort of countdown widget on here, like those fundraiser thermometers from elementary school (see example below). Cause I know y’all can’t count, a visual is essential.



Monday: 2 mile walk

Tuesday: 4 mile trail run

Friday: 1 mile walk

Saturday: 5 mile hike

Sunday: 5 mile hash


Week 1 total: 17 miles


The trail run on Tuesday was on the section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail between Logan and Green Canyons. I did the section to the south, from Dry Canyon to Providence Canyon, the week before. The former section was more flat, which meant I had less hills to use as an excuse for walking, and less rugged.



It was also a beautiful day, sunny and warm with a nice breeze. There were lots of people hanging out. For part of the trail, there’s a singletrack that parallels the actual trail that bikers use. It was great because the chance of being run over by a bicyclist was greatly decreased.

Even though Green Canyon is only like ten minutes away, this was my first time there.


After the run, I hung out in the grass to do abs and stretch. I was definitely sitting on duck and/or gull shit, because there were a bunch of them hanging out nearby. Then I went home and ate dinner in the backyard with the teepee. #lonewolf




I’ve been told one of the rules of blogging is consistent posting. Because I’m already posting the first weekly update a day late, I guess the consistency thing is lacking. But there’s a great reason for that!

On Thursday I picked up Rachel, my main bro from undergrad, from the airport for her virgin trip to Utah. So obviously the weekend was full of shenanigans, including plenty of drinking and not plenty of sleeping, and didn’t end until Monday night. All I’m saying is I was too busy having fun to be bothered with this blog post.

We hiked up in Logan Canyon on Saturday. We did the Wind Caves and River trails, both of which I’ve never done before. Rachel took all these photos. The camera on my phone sucks way too much for these to be mine.







Then on Sunday, Rachel had the pleasure of attending her very first hash. No one made her cry, so it was a success. I’ll eventually do a post on hashing, because it will probably be a significant portion of my miles for this challenge, but for now read this.

It was a great way for her to see Salt Lake City for the first time though. The trail started downtown, passed by the capitol, and went through Memory Grove park.

There was some chalk talk…


…and some awkward group photos…


…and one hill (which was really all we needed)…


…and the capitol on a gorgeous sunny day…


…and of course some of this.


If you don’t understand most of what’s going on in these photos, we should hang out more often.

The first week of the challenge appears to have been a success!

If you want to participate in the challenge with me, let me know and I will post your updates with mine just like Overly Ambitious Me did. Everything is more fun when we do it together!

2 thoughts on “Week 1: “That beer flag is super cute!”

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