Week 2: “Logan: Where You Can Decide to Go Hiking at 5 pm on Friday, and Spend Two Solid Hours in the Woods”

I really need to finish the blog post about the rules. You guys don’t even know what’s going on here with this challenge! My excuse is that I was busy this past week, but that’s lame. And by busy, I mean failing at coding in R and drinking four days in a row. Cause my life is awesome!

I’ve abandoned the idea of putting a counter widget on the blog because that would require switching over to wordpress.org and self-hosting and all this crazy shit I don’t feel like doing. And I’m going to try to tackle creating a blog with GitHub using Jekyll soon, so I don’t want to waste my time improving my WordPress skills.

Anyways, this is for you.

Tuesday: 5 mile trail run

Friday: 4 mile hike

Saturday: 8 mile run/walk


Week 2 total: 17 miles

TOTAL total: 34 miles

Even though it doesn’t look that impressive, this week was pretty clutch.

Did the south section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (Dry to Providence Canyon) again this week. I love this trail so hard, because it’s easy to get to on weekdays and has an elevation profile that’s better for running than the trails in Logan Canyon. (All the trails up in the canyon start low, by the highway, and go up in elevation because that’s where all the cool shit is, but I don’t really fancy running all uphill the first half and all downhill the second half.)

I should tell you guys about the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The idea is to create a trail that crosses all of Utah, from the north to south border and follows what had been the shore of an ancient lake called Lake Bonneville. It’ll be almost 300 miles, but they’ve only done about a third of it so far. And I would put crazy money on there being a trail race that is the whole thing someday. Ultrarunners are nutsos. There are only two completed sections in Logan. The one I did last week is from Green to Dry Canyon, and then there’s the section I did this week.



The run on that section went really well. My left knee, which will probably deserve its own post because it’s a high maintenance drama queen, felt great. It kind of looked like rain, and I started to cry a little inside when a few drops fell because I forgot to bring a plastic bag to put my non-waterproof phone in, but it didn’t end up being anything.

IMG_2909 IMG_2910 IMG_2911

Those are the Wellsvilles in the last photo. They’re famous because they’re the skinniest mountains in the US, if that makes sense. I did the traverse of the Wellsvilles with my roommates last fall, and when you get up on that ridge, the mountain drops down basically vertically on both sides of the trail. It’s super cool.

The title of this blog post refers to the hike I did on Friday. There aren’t many places you can live in the US where the mountains are a 10 minute drive away, and for that reason I feel kind of blessed to live here. Basically, on Friday afternoon a friend asked if I wanted to go play in the mountains, and I of course said hell yeah. And then I, umm, sort of abandoned him and went up into Logan Canyon by myself (sorry Jake!).

I decided to hike Crimson Trail, which comes off of the Riverside Nature Trail I hiked last weekend with my bestie Rachel, because I’ve heard it’s a pretty good one. While I found the trailhead, there were a few unmarked junctions along the way and I’m not sure which trail I was actually on. Any Logan people who can identify the trail and posts it in the comments gets a beer. The signage up in Logan Canyon is shit.

IMG_2919 IMG_2938

IMG_2924 IMG_2925 IMG_2926 IMG_2927

The trail was pretty soggy in a few places and I had a few dubious moments where there was snow on the trail. Yes, snow. Someone told me that, in some parts of the canyon, there will be snow until the Fourth of July. Which is ridiculous. Mountains are weird.

IMG_2928 IMG_2935

Okay, by far the most important event of this week was haring my first trail by myself on Saturday. Well, the same friend I ditched when going up into the mountains on Friday was my cohare, but he’s never hashed before so I was basically doing all the work.

It was sheer insanity though. Setting up a trail is a pretty detail-heavy task, but luckily I didn’t mess it up too badly. At least, when everyone got done running the trail, they said I was a cruel asshole and they wanted to kill me at some points. Which, counter to your intuition, is actually a very good thing. IMG_2939



They definitely hated me at this point. Haha, sorry I’m not sorry.


I forgot to take any pictures while laying the trail, because I was kind of running late, and also I’m not used to having to actually take pictures of my life. This blogging thing is a fucking hassle. Not really though.

One thought on “Week 2: “Logan: Where You Can Decide to Go Hiking at 5 pm on Friday, and Spend Two Solid Hours in the Woods”

  1. Kristina, you have such beautiful land to run on. I have been walking and eating better. I feel better than I ever have. Sometimes after work we go to the exercise room and work and I walk on the tread mill. I went to take Tasha for a walk yesterday and she walked to the corner and half way back she sat down to rest, I guess she can’t be my bff for Walking. Not sure how many miles I did last week but at least I am trying.

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