Week 12: “It’s a hairdryer out there.”

Crop circles, NBD.


Wednesday: 3 mile trail run


Weekly total: 3 miles

TOTAL total: 148.5 miles

I spent half of this week traveling (again). If you haven’t noticed, that is the theme of this summer. I’m too busy having fun gallivanting around the country to worry about this challenge.

I DID spent a shit ton of time outside, though. Which is the whole point of this thing, yeah? I went to my lab’s field site in southeastern Arizona to help out a labmate with some fieldwork. We spent the weekend out in 100 degree heat trapping rats, and it was the greatest.



It gave me the chance to get away and process what’s happened so far this summer, and think about the next couple of months, which are going to be a whirlwind. Having no cell service really helped with that.

It was also beautiful out there in the desert, albeit in a barren, alien sort of way. That area is the confluence of several deserts (Sonoran and Chihuahuan) and mountain ranges (Rockies and Sierra Madres).

IMG_3413 IMG_3416

The sky was also enormous, and we saw only a single cloud the entire time.

IMG_3411 IMG_3430

We drove through the Chiricahuas on the way back. I’m definitely going to come back to explore that area.

IMG_3432 IMG_3441 IMG_3446

I thought about running on Sunday when we got to our hotel in Tucson, but it was way too damn hot to be possible. I’m still trying to decide whether 100 degrees and no humidity or 90 degrees and extremely humid is better. We ended up drinking and swimming in the hotel pool instead and, in hindsight, I’m grateful I managed to not drown.

I’m going to be traveling again this week, making my way back to Utah after a few detours in the midwest. Sneaking in some walks and runs is the goal, but we’ll see how that works out. Later haters.

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