Week 13: “Life is too short for good posture.”

Hello from fabulous and scenic Cedar Rapids, Iowa!


Okay, okay, my childhood home is actually neither of those things. You caught me.

This sight always induces excitement because it means I’m almost there. Love you Nesper sign!


Thursday: 3 mile run

Sunday: 4 mile trail run


Weekly total: 7 miles

TOTAL total: 155.5 miles

 Another traveling week, with the purpose of seeing some very good friends and family.

IMG_3491 IMG_3489 IMG_3484 IMG_3485

It’s been a fantastic whirlwind, from running into some semi-strangers from my undergrad at a bar to seeing fireworks and the Chicago skyline from a Wicker Park rooftop to eating vegan poutine for the first time.

I obviously managed to sneak in some runs though!

Almost the moment I arrived in Chicago, my friend Susannah asked if I wanted to go run. We went on her typical route, from her apartment in Uptown over to Lake Michigan. It was incredibly beautiful.


Hot and sweaty, y’all!

I was more sore than expected the next day because it was on pavement. These unusual aches led me to the realization that my summer runs have been exclusively trail, and I ain’t complainin.

I also intended to run when I got to CR this weekend. I spent some (i.e., minimal) time perusing the web to find a trail, because I’m actually not all that familiar with the trail systems in the town I grew up in. I was more of a fat lazy fuck than a runner back then.

I quickly settled on the Boyson Park Trail, a 2 mile stretch in nearby Marion. Drove over there, super pumped to get out a few miles, and turns out the trail is closed due to some pretty intense storms they’ve had recently. I could see some significant washout just from the road.

I had no backup plan, because why the fuck would I waste time with that, so after a few hectic minutes on my phone, I picked the Grant Wood Trail. You know Grant Wood even if you don’t. He’s the artist behind American Gothic.


Anyways, the Grant Wood Trail consists of three unconnected segments in Linn County, each 2-3 miles long. I chose the middle one because it was the right length. It’s further out of town than I wanted to go, but what can you do?

The trail was flat, straight, and grassy. It follows alongside a few creeks and is nestled in a wooded area. Yes, contrary to popular belief, there are some trees in Iowa. Of course, just beyond those trees were farm fields.

IMG_3508 IMG_3512 IMG_3513

While this had the potential to be a solid run, I (again) had to shit most of the time. This is becoming a common occurrence and it’s NOT OKAY.

My knee has been great, thanks for asking. That’s mostly because I’ve been too busy to get in very many miles, but this has given me time to strategize. I need to be a bit more proactive in dealing with this. I started taking glucosamine a couple weeks ago, and I’m going to double down on doing strength and cross training, especially swimming, this fall. Oi.


2 thoughts on “Week 13: “Life is too short for good posture.”

  1. YUMMMM poutine! I’ve never seen a vegan one before, though- vegan cheese curds?! how do they do it?! Also your challenge is awesome (I need to get outside more) and your blog is hilarious (this made me laugh out loud: “I had no backup plan, because why the fuck would I waste time with that” hahaha)

    • Sadly enough, it was just shredded vegan cheese. But still delicious!

      I’m glad that someone is enjoying my inane rambles. I’m definitely learning a lot more from your blog than anyone could learn from mine, haha.

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