Week 17: “Evil power steals on!”

Okay, this is gonna be quick and dirty.


Tuesday: 2 mile walk

Wednesday: 2 mile walk


Weekly total: 4 miles

TOTAL total: 208.5 miles

I basically took this week off. Before longer trips, I like to give my body time to heal with the expectation that I will then have less trouble with injury on those trips. I’ve also been busy dealing with logistics and some work stuff.

Oh, longer trip you say? On Monday, I’ll be starting a thruhike of the John Muir Trail with my friend Joan. The JMT is a 211 mile trail in California, which starts in Yosemite and ends at Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 (don’t say continental US because people will yell at you). This will be the epic finale to my summer.


This blog will be dead for the next 2-3 week, so you’ll have nothing to look forward to in your life. But don’t pull out the razors and nooses yet; you bet I’ll be back with a fantastic recap of the trip when I return to civilization. Have a great August.

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