“Name of your sex tape.” (AT2015 mile 69.6)

This is the best. Like actually the best. I’m having the time of my fucking life. 

Anyways, hello from the very new Top of Georgia hostel. It just opened last year, and it’s super clean and nice and the workers are friendly. They offered us soda and coffee the moment we walked in. And the guy who runs it is Sir-Packs-A-Lot, lolz.  

   The weather has been off the chain (i.e., not freeze ass cold, raining, or SNOWING), which is one of the benefits of starting late. It’s been sunny and clear except for a few sprinkles one day.    I’ve forgotten how much more brutal hiking is out here than out west. At least there aren’t any steps for giants (I’m looking at you, Bad Monkey!).  

So I’ve been hiking in tandem with another thruhiker, Postman, since we met at the Springer Mtn shelter the first night. I’ve been keeping my miles low and slow, good luck to all these dudes busting out 16 and 19 milers this early and blowing past me.

I’ve gone through a lot of firsts. First time tenting this trip (I’ve been a shelter rat mostly).  First town stop in Suches, GA, cute pudgy dogs included.  

  And first hostel, the one at Neels Gap. There were a bunch of old dudes staying there, but I had caught up with Postman because he was taking a zero.  Speaking of old dudes, I’m going to flip my shit if another one asks me if I’m okay or tells me to stay safe. I’m not the one who could drop dead from a heart attack with the next step. I may be a lady, but I not some fucking delicate flower. And I could do without all the racist comments. 

Though I did meet a couple cool older gentlemen from Mississippi while camping at Lance Creek before Blood Mountain. We had some good giggles, between their anecdotes about the south and me telling them they were sparkly clean.   I still can’t believe how beautiful it is out here, and how grateful I am to be here.        Dat swag doe!   Thanks to my sister and dad for coming down from Iowa to see me off, and to Wes for giving me a ride and being my moral support. Love y’all bunches!     Edited to add this pic, cause town is where it’s at.  

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