“Pinball machine of hatred and death.” (AT 2015 mile 421.2) 

Being the dumbass that I am, I managed to fall down a waterfall yesterday. 

I am a lucky dumbass though. After falling down at least five rock ledges, each probably 2-4 feet tall, I slid to a stop minus one shoe and the Platypus bladder I’d been intending on filling up. I took inventory and there was some soreness and I was having some trouble breathing, but it didn’t seem like anything was broken. 

This was at Laurel Fork shelter. I struggled back up the hill and to the shelter. The three other thruhikers that were staying there, Silverback, Mamba, and Hero, did everything they could to help me out. Thank goodness they were there, though I’m sure they were frustrated with my stubbornness at wanting to take care of myself without their help whenever possible. 

So, my plans for this next section will have to change. I managed to limp the two miles to the hostel in Hampton this morning. My left foot and left elbow are pretty sore, as is my back, and I have quite the array of bruises and scratches. But, by some sort of trail miracle, I’m alive and nothing is broken. I’m going to hang out here until tomorrow morning at least and monitor the healing process. I’m optimistic for a quick recovery while simultaneously pissed that I was so careless as to let this happen. Wet rocks are slippery, folks. 

At least I got my first shiner out of it.  


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